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About Me

I enjoy working on cyber-security and privacy issues, I am passionate about public-interest technology and internet freedom, and I love having a say in organizational design and teamwork facilitation topics.

Throughout the years, I built a diverse background:

I currently live in Milan, Italy.

More details can be found in my CV.


I have a master’s degree cum laude in Computer Science and Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. During my master’s, I spent a semester as a research intern at UC Santa Barbara at the SecLab, where I developed my master’s thesis project: Enabling Fast Patch Propagation in Related Software Repositories [pdf]. The project was later published at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2020 [pdf].

Previously, I spent a semester as an exchange student at the TU Delft, and I obtained my bachelor’s at the University of Parma, where I worked as a research intern at the WASNLab, now IoTLab. During this internship, I developed my bachelor’s thesis project revolving around the development of a CoAP-HTTP cross-proxy for IoT scenarios [pdf].